The company Girlanda Fratelli deals with the direct supply of marble processing equipment for marble workers: the choice of resorting to direct sales and presenting itself as a fully-fledged business is certainly not accidental, but is driven by the desire to offer customers the best possible experience and, above all, by the opportunity to contain costs. In addition, by building strong and ongoing customer relationships, the company is able to better understand its customers’ needs and preferences: in short, direct contact facilitates useful and effective updating, so that adapting to market developments also becomes easier.
The catalogue of marble processing supplies offered by Girlanda Fratelli is certainly extensive and features a large variety of products: whether you need stands for slabs, rails for depositing slabs, containers for marble, containers for workpieces, steel beds, hydraulic tables or hoisting equipment, you can be sure to find anything you need in the assortment. All items, ranging from collets and forks to arms and balances, are designed and manufactured to meet the typical needs of this industry.